bats at halloween

We work hard year round to keep our areas in good shape. At times, that work causes things to look unsightly for a while before it all takes shape.

This winter the conservation staff has been busy at multiple sites, but you are likely to notice the thinning of the woodland understory along the trails at Pioneer Ridge Nature Area. Things may look a bit barren in these areas right now, but the opened canopy will allow more sunlight in to help growth of more desirable like spring wildflowers.

The staff has also been busy working on the trails that were eroding. Some grading and rocking of the trails has taken place. You may even notice the work done to better the water crossings for those on horseback and our own equipment.

Please bear with us as we continue to better the trails for the use of all that visit our areas. And remember you have a part to play in the quality of our trails as well. By staying off wet trails, you will help keep them in tip top shape.