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There are few explorers left in the world, probably because there are few unexplored areas left for them to practice their trade.  Yet, somewhere, deep down, lost in our DNA, there is at least a little bit of explorer still in all of us.  To jump start this innate trait, Wapello County Conservation is sponsoring an event that will bring explorer Dave Freeman to Pioneer Ridge Nature Center.  Since meeting in 2005, Dave and his wife Amy have traveled over 30,000 miles together by canoe, kayak and dog sled.  In a normal year, they spend more nights sleeping in a tent or under the stars than in a roofed building.

The program topic will focus on their 365 day adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness which was meant to draw attention to proposed sulfide-ore copper mining on the wilderness edge.  This mining activity could have devastating negative impacts to this prized wilderness area.  In this trip, the couple traveled over 3,000 miles by canoe and dogsled as they explored more than 500 lakes and streams.

Although shy by nature and constantly seeking wilderness experiences away from the modern world, the Freeman’s over-arching goal is to use their human powered adventures to gain appreciation and protection for wild places, to encourage people to spend time outside and inspire people to set audacious goals and work hard to achieve them.  The Freemans are engaging speakers who deliver thoughtful, inspiring and impactful programs for more than a decade.

The program is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 11th at Pioneer Ridge Nature Center located 6 miles south of Ottumwa off Highway 63.  Prior to the program at Pioneer Ridge, Dave Freeman will be presenting a program at Evans Middle School to the 6th grade class.

Don’t miss this opportunity as it promises to be exceptional.  The nature center will hold about 70 people and we hope to pack it for this program!  Free and open to the public.  For additional information about the Freemans, refer to the web site at FreemansExplore.com. For questions, please call Pioneer Ridge Nature Center at 641 682-3091.