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In 1977, the people of Wapello County voted to establish a county conservation board for the purpose of purchasing and developing lands for parks, hunting and fishing access and other recreational uses in the county.

Today all of Iowa’s 99 counties have a County Conservation Board. Wapello County was the 98th county to establish it’s Board, consequently it is one of the youngest conservation boards in the state.

As of the fall of 2016, the Wapello County Conservation Board manages twelve areas totaling over 2077 acres. The board is also progressing toward additional purchases that will enhance our resource base and public property for its citizens.  In combination, these areas provide extremely diverse habitats providing residents with a wide range of outdoor recreational activities such as picnicking, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, camping, hunting and fishing.

Want to serve on the Wapello CCB Board? Here’s what you need to know.

Are you a supporter of conservation, outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing or just the natural world? Have you ever thought of joining the Wapello County Conservation Board? The Wapello CCB is a volunteer board of residents appointed by the Wapello County Supervisors. The board supports the mission – “To create awareness of our natural environment by providing quality outdoor experiences.

As a board member, you represent the citizens of Wapello County for the purpose of fulfilling our mission (as stated above) through park developments, protection of unique environments, environmental education, and promoting the Wapello CCB. The term for a board member is 5 years, and the Wapello CCB meets one time monthly – with special meetings held as needed). A board member seat comes up for appointment each year, and all applications will be considered at that time.

If you are interested and willing to serve on the Wapello County Conservation Board, fill out the application linked below and return with a cover letter to the Wapello County Conservation Board office by mail or e-mail. An application does not guarantee a position on the Wapello CCB, but your application will be kept on file for three years.

Wapello CCB Board Application Packet

1339 Highway 63
Bloomfield, IA 52537

Current News

Partial Park Re-opening for Holiday

News Release


The Wapello County Conservation Board continues closures per Local and State orders


In collaboration with Wapello County EMA, department of public health, the county supervisors, and county attorney; the Pioneer Ridge Nature Area campground and cabins will reopen effective Friday, May 22 at 8:00 AM. Shelters and the Nature Center at our county parks will remain closed until at least May 27. The county parks remain open for hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. All who visit the parks are asked to follow the guidelines on social distancing and group gatherings set …

Horseback Trails Status

05/29/2020: All trails at Pioneer Ridge Nature Area are CLOSED to horseback riders and bicycles. We had alot of rain this past week, and the trails are very soggy with standing water even on top trails. Even though it will be beautiful this weekend, the trails will remain CLOSED. Thank you for helping us keep the trails in good condition for all users.